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What’s your ‘Social Media Budget’?

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Social media is no less than a boon for business houses. But for a strong social media presence, they would require effective social media strategies for getting optimum ROI. And here comes the need to get rid of the misconception that social media is free. Yes, some social media tools come with no prize tag, […]


Twitter’s fight for ‘tweet’

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‘Tweet’, the famous term is commonly used for the updates you post on Twitter. Not only is the term originally associated with Twitter, but also owes its fame to the platform. But strikingly, the social network does not hold the trademark to the term, but Twittad, a Des Moines based Twitter sponsored advertising platform, does. […]


What is your Social Media score?

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Social media mark-sheet – the very phrase leads us to various social networking sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. Some think that these sites are nothing but a waste of time while some opine that they play an important role to get noticed, worldwide. But whose attention are we seeking on these social media channels? Most people […]


Start with social media

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You want to start off on your own but don’t know how to survive the cut-throat competitive market out there. There are hundreds of enterprises and organizations, which have already made a prominent presence in the business world. But you are aware that this is the high time to launch your business. You must be […]


Improving your page rank

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Page rank is one of the few factors which can decide the position of your website on search results. There are proper techniques and methods to do it. And once you achieve it, you have to maintain the ranking. In a nutshell, it’s not a one-day mission. So, what do you need to improve and maintain […]

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