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Can social media predict the future of a movie? Can it accurately forecast how a film will do at the box office? Yes, it can.

Fizziology, a well-known online research group has proved it. And the entire Hollywood fraternity has started relying on their predictions. Fizziology is a startup and so far they have provided nearly accurate predictions for various movies, including Super 8, Pirates on Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Cowboys & Aliens, Drive and many more.

Super 8 was expected to make a business of $37 million in the first week, and the movie made exactly $36.5 million. Fizziology foretold that On Stranger Tides would make $95 million in the opening week. The movie actually earned $90.15 million, while the industry experts predicted the number to reach somewhere near $110 million. Fizziology, again, was right, when it comes to the box office report of Cowboys & Aliens.

You must be wondering, what is the magic wand that Fizziology has, but others don't?

Social media, according to Ben Carlson, the president and co-founder of Fizziology, is the tool that always work for them. They use every channels like Twitter, Facebook, forums, blogs to monitor all conversations, happening around the movie. They track theatrical release reviews, home release reviews, case studies of similar kind of movies, and comments on lead actors and actresses.

All these conversations help them measure the total number of people buzzing around the movie, their sentiments and expectations .

While many industry experts opine that stardom plays a pivotal role in a movie’s success, Fizziology researches say otherwise. According to the research company, the success of a film depends how the protagonists become substantial to the role. They cited the example of Bridesmaids. The movie did not have big stars, but it had good actors, who brought life to the script, effectively. And this prompted the cine-goers to talk about the movie and the actors on various social channels. Yes, the actors are one of important factors to count on a movie's success.

While talking about the power of social media as a research platform, Carlson remarked, “We're always listening and we have so many search terms pulling information in for all those different categories of entertainment. Part of it is just getting up to speed and having all the horsepower to turn this on, ‘cause we know the interest is there, the information is there, and we're starting to move into those spaces quickly.”

Believe it or not, Fizziology is just two years of age!


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