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Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing explained..

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What is Facebook Marketing?

Finding a well-defined online platform to showcase your services and products for free is no less than a dream for everyone. But you can live the dream with Facebook. With more than 750 million active users and thousands of communities, Facebook has given all users the leverage to choose from. However, it’s no more a secret that Facebook is one of the most-talked about channels to promote your business online. But registering on Facebook is not enough, since your Facebook marketing success largely encompasses something beyond profile creation.

So, what does Facebook marketing include? Let’s find out.

Where do we fit in?

Facebook marketing has a profound impact on the way people communicate and interact. With our understanding and knowledge of consumer insight and age demogrpahy, we manage to give you just the right exposure your brand is looking for on Facebook.


The secret isn’t growing a huge fan base. We have 100,000 Facebook fans, but those fans have all come to us organically. We believe the more organic the growth, the more loyal the fans, the more likely they will be repeat customers.
- Cam Balzer, VP of Marketing, Threadless
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