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Location Based Marketing

Location based marketing explained..

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What is Location Based Marketing?

Location-based social networks allow web users to interact, share, recommend various places to their friends, based on their physical coordinates. In location based marketing, the real-world connection to social channels means more foot traffic and profits for business owners.

Location-based services largely depend on smart phone penetration. Sites like Facebook Places, Foursquare, Gowalla, Loopt etc. are the premium geo-location based sites. But before signing up for marketing, you need to know the platforms in and out. Every platform has different framework and unique function procedure. After getting used to the framework, next you should do is, engage with your consumers and track every update they make.

Where do we fit in?

It's a relatively newer concept which is being widely used by businesses across the globe. We use the right approach of technology and social media to drive sales using location based platforms.


Location-based services are once again changing the face of social networking. Where relationships were once at the center of user experience, in the Golden Triangle of mobile, social, and real-time interaction, “places” take center stage and corresponding activities and rewards become the cast and crew of the production.
- Brian Solis
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