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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing explained

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Set of processes which help the organizations to interact and engage with their audience through mobile devices is known as mobile marketing. The description may in one sentence sum what mobile marketing is all about but the term has far reaching implicationsespecially in the present scenario. The facts tell an interesting story. Like the smartphone and tab users spent on an average 94 minutes on mobile apps compared to 72 minutes spent on web in December 2011. (Source: Flurry)
Mobile marketing is serious business. The marketers useprocesses like mobile paid search, location-based services and advertising, wireless communication, SMS, MMS, mobile email and mobile display ads. One of the important tools in mobile marketing is the QR code. As per Consumer Pulse reports, 50% of smart phone users scan QR codes and 18% do a purchase after that. Mobile emails are considered a powerful tool as people respond positively to the marketing messages received on their smart phone and 55% consumers make a purchase after they receive emails.
These are some statistics which is going to compel the brands to join the mobile bandwagon if they already have not by now. What works in mobile marketing is that you give to the consumers an offer which they can opt for in the most convenient manner. Businesses convert consumers using location based marketing. User responses can be easily tracked and measured which works for the campaigns. What is the best thing about mobile marketing is that the market is not saturated.
What is needed in mobile marketing? Some aspects which should be taken care of are- the ad campaigns have to be relevant or else that can work against the brand as in mobile marketing there is direct communication with the users. Users don’t want interference in their private space about some offers they have no requirement for. Apps have to be user friendly. Chances are there that the ad campaign can entirely be missed by the user as he preferred not to click on it, so navigation remains a challenge. Go mobile is right now the trend for the businesses and it helps if a definite mobile strategy is an essential prerequisite for that.
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