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Social Media Activity Club, Kolkata

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Social Media Activity Club of Kolkata or SMACK, has been conceptualized by SocialF5 with the vision to place Kolkata in a prominent position in the social media map of India. SMACK is the brainchild of SocialF5 founder and owner, Sanjib (or isanzc as he is popularly known on social media platforms).

The first session of SMACK,held on Saturday 21 January at SocialF5 office, saw enthusiastic participation from the SocialF5 team, as well as few members from Compare Infobase Ltd. (CIL) Kolkata, and a few others. People joined in the conversation from Twitter and Facebook as there was live tweeting of the meetup with the hashtag: #smackmg. The topic of the first SMACK meetup, which got everyone going, was -“What is Social Media and why would anyone need it?” The discussion rolled on with participants discussing on different points right from difference between traditional and new media to how digital media has evolved to why Social Media has become absolutely essential these days. The conversation stressed on specific nodes like how communication, conversation and engagement are important these days in the online sphere. How uniqueness of content which one shares makes one an influencer in the SM domain or what is needed to spread awareness among people in India about this New Media.
Some of the excerpts of the first SMACK’s discussion were:

In my honest opinion, ‘Social media presence’ cannot be equated with ‘presence of social media profiles’, it is not the same.
- Sanjib, (@isanzc), Founder - SocialF5

Social Media campaign should be honest, upfront and transparent. You can’t fool people here.
- Gaurav (@pathfyynder), Founder - Pathfyynder

There is no immediate return on social media. The premium we pay is time.
- Shilpa (@shilps31), Compare Infobase, Kolkata

Aninda Das (@dasaninda) and Sumana Chakraborty (@_anamus) cam up with interesting questions like “Where do you see online media 10 years from now?” and “Is social media helping brands to get more localized? If so, how?”

SMACK has caught up with SM enthusiasts of Kolkata since then. Find the gist in reverse chronological order (recent first) below:

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