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Social Media Statistics

Social Media Statistics explained

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What is Social Media Statistics?

According to a study, it is found that 68% web users connect with their family and friends through social networking sites, compared to 65.1% e-mail interactions.
With the introduction of social media, our life has changed. If Twitter provides all the latest buzz, news, trends to the web users, Facebook is an interactive platform to connect with your family and friends and a great tool for community building and LinkedIn is crowded by business houses and job seekers.

According to The Realtime Report generated in February 2012 following is the user stats for different social networking sites

Facebook, with its user base of around 850 million, rules in the social media world. It has even got a reference as the third largest country in the world. The top countries according to the number of Facebook users in March 2012 are:

1. United States 155,892,160
2. India 45,019,840
3. Indonesia 43,523,740
4. Brazil 42,199,880
5. Mexico 33,597,260
6. Turkey 31,526,840
7. United Kingdom 30,485,180
8. Philippines 27,720,300
9. France 24,104,320
10. Germany 23,251,200

Twitter generates almost half (47%) of its traffic to news feeds. The experts believe that Twitter will have 900 million profiles registered and 250 million active users by the end of 2012.

37% of the total world’s population is hooked to Facebook. Twitter is going strong not only as a Social Media site but also proving to be an important source of breaking news. Google Plus and Pinterest are attracting users every day. It can be safely said that Social Media has gone to a next level where it is poised to do wonders, the statistics reveal so.

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