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Social Networking Sites

Social Networking Sites explained

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What are Social Networking Sites?

The concept of social networking has been around since the second half of 90’s. However, with Web 2.0 technologies, social networking sites have become a huge hit among worldwide web users.

Social networking sites can be divided into two sections: Sites with general purpose and sites with special interest. Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, MySpace etc. are examples of the first category, while LinkedIn, Last, Flixster, Xanga etc. belong to the second category.

Over the last one year, there have been a lot of ups and downs in the popularity of top social networking sites.

Facebook (over 850 million users) has emerged as the most popular social networking site, surpassing MySpace. Facebook Search tool is giving a tough competition to popular search engines.

Twitter (over 200 million active users) is also a fast-growing social networking platform where you can directly communicate with your favorite celebs, though it was initially launched as a micro-blogging site.

LinkedIn (over 100 million users) has evolved as job-seekers’ favorite site, where you also can build a strong business network.

The latest happening in the world of social networking is Google+ (over 20 million users), another social networking site by Google after Orkut.

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