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Web Applications

Web Applications explained..

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What is Web-Application?

A web (based) application is an online application, which can be accessed over a network (Internet or Intranet). Web application may also refer to a computer software application, which is hosted in a browser-controlled environment and programmed in a browser-supported language such as JavaScript.
Web applications are getting immense popularity for the ubiquity of web browsers. Another reason of its popularity is, its capability to maintain and update without sharing out and installing software on hundreds of client computers. Web applications are generally cross-platform compatible. Popular web applications include web mail, online auctions, online retail sales, css generators, tweeting-apps, phone-syncing apps, etc.

Where do we fit in?

We develop web applications customized according to client’s needs. We not only look into the business logic, object model and functionality of the web apps but also take into consideration factors like the layout (UI) and user experience (UX) for the same.


Web apps are not easy to build, but they do make future cross-platform development easier.
- Steve Pinches, Financial Times Product Manager
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